3 Amazing Ways to Travel to Turkey from Saudi Arabia

Flying from Saudi Arabia (RUH) to Turkey (IST) on a budget is easy. The distance is approximately 3000 km depending on where exactly you want to go. By air it takes around 4-8hours depending on where you want to land in Turkey. Safe and effective flights land you to Istanbul Airport in Turkey from where you can choose your itinerary.

Places to visit in Turkey:

1) Istanbul
2) South Cappadocia, North Cappadocia, Cappadocia ATV
3) Pamukkale
4) Antalya
5) Derinkuyu Underground City & Ihlara Valley
6) Ephesus
7) Troy
8) Gallipoli
9) Pergamon
10) Bursa
11) Izmir
12) Ankara

Three Amazing Ways to Travel to Turkey:

  • From Saudi Arabia to Turkey:
    The best way to travel to Turkey is by air. Consider booking your flight in advance to get the best fares to Turkey from Saudi Arabia. Get a reliable trip agency to find and get the cheapest fare to Turkey.
  • Getting around within Turkey:
    The modes of transport for cheap domestic travel within Turkey are:
    i) By road through public transport, minibuses, long distance buses
    ii) By water with ferries.
    iii) By train.
  • Book a tour package in Saudi Arabia to Turkey:

One of the top travel agents in Saudi Arabia, Global Tours Saudi Arabia, recommends the best tour packages that help you reach Turkey, get around for sightseeing and even plan your stays. Choose from the best travel itineraries to make memorable experiences. Explore the sea, sun and sand with fine Turkish cuisine, coastline activities, entertainment with luxury hotels and resorts. While shopping, discover a huge artistic range of souvenirs. The Nazar Boncugu Talisman, Sweets like Turkish Delight and Baklava, traditional Turkish Carpets, clay pottery, beautiful ceramics, mosaic gourd lamps, exceptional quality leather, tea and coffee, exotic spices, and the list of souvenirs goes on and on.
For corporations, there are huge opportunities to start a business in Turkey. As Turkey is one of the world’s  top 20 economies.


Make your trip hassle-free and pocket friendly by choosing the best fares always with Global Tours Saudi Arabia. Your travel partner since 1970 under the aegis of Alireza & Sons Group of Companies. We have an experience to help you explore around the world from Saudi Arabia. Because, when you travel you forget years and remember moments. Your dreams are just like your wings. Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

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