The Ultimate Guide to Hotels in Saudi Arabia

Gone are the days when you book a hotel referred by your friend or find it in the telephone book. You go online and find the hotel of your choice and also compare the rates available on different websites. In the end, you get a better deal and save on your stays.

Welcome to the Saudi Arabia Hotel Guide
Luxury and business class hotels all over the world identify with hotel rating by star. Do not confuse them with the ratings left by the visitors on Google. But according to the quality of their services, the hotels are rated or rather graded on a scale of five stars and letters from A to F. Sometimes hotels are also classified as per their prices viz, economy, standard, superior and luxury.

Some British travellers in Saudi Arabia termed seven stars to the luxury hotels in Dubai like Burj Al Arab and Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. As sustainability started mattering more than luxury, more and more hotels are turning towards implementing greener solutions at their facilities. Also, few Salam Standard Hotels offer prayer rooms for Muslim travellers with removal of alcohol and have Halal menu recommendations at their restaurants.

Continue with our guide to know how to book a hotel in Saudi Arabia online.

Step by Step Guide to Online Hotel Booking:

A) Picking a Hotel Online:

1) Filter Using the Reviews (Quality & Quantity):
Search for book hotels in Saudi Arabia on Google. The more the number of reviews of the hotel, the more popular it is. Even if the reviews sum up to 4.1 stars, it is ok. The best option to pick using reviews is to pick the one with most reviews and good ones. Also, read the few negative reviews and check when they were written. If they are recent, don’t go for it. Choose the immediate next option.

2) Check the Location and Photos of the Hotel:
Whatever means of transport you are using, if the hotel is located nearby your drop off point, it is a great time saver. However, if you are meeting a client or a prospect, make sure to check in into a comfortable hotel. Plenty of business hotels in Saudi Arabia offer great options. Check their pictures available online. You need to put a filter for location, available on most of the hotel booking sites like Global Tours and Travels and more.

2) Look for the Value Added Services:
Few of the best websites to book hotels in Saudi Arabia will list out all the facilities and amenities that are included in the cost of your stay. This will enable you to find the right one. For instance, some athletes go to a hotel with a 24×7 gym. Few others consider checking for pet friendly suites and yet others want to go for cribs and cots for babies. Oftentimes, you might look for themed hotels and that information is available in their descriptions.

3) Make a Call to Verify:
Before you go ahead and book a hotel, make a call and ask any questions related to your stay. Get all your doubts cleared before you go ahead and book. Over the call, confirm about what you are looking for. Although it is not necessary, however, calling and talking to a person might help. Alternatively, you can call hotel booking agents in Saudi Arabia and know more. Many times, they guide you through the entire process.

B) Booking a Hotel Online:

1) Open Multiple Websites with that Hotel:
In order to get the best deal, look through multiple websites and check their listings. Sometimes, they may offer attractive rates when you book through a travel agent. There are many international hotel booking agents in Saudi Arabia to cater to your specific requirements. Alternatively, choose the best website to book hotels in Saudi Arabia i.e. Global Tours and Travels.

2) Compare the Prices:
Compare the prices of the online websites and  the prices offered by the hotel booking agents in Saudi Arabia. Once you get the lowest quote, stick to the same. Bargain if needed. Some hotels offer loyalty benefits to repeat customers. Also, check for the same if it is your case.

3) Check their Refund Policy & Claim Process:
In case your visa is declined or any other reasons, you had to cancel your entire plan of travel and itinerary, you should be able to claim for a refund. Keep a tab on the changing refund policy from time to time. Call them for any clarifications. You have a right to know before booking, how much time do they take to process the refund and how exactly is the refund payment method. Avoid unnecessary hassle in the future by going through the refund claim policy.

4) Save Money with the Best Deal:
If you have any coupons or vouchers for your hotel stay from either the hotel directly or any of the online vendors or from the best hotel finder travel agency, make sure to redeem your vouchers or coupons before their expiry dates. Vouchers issued before pandemic or natural calamity must have their dates extended before you can use them. Check with their website if your voucher is still valid.

5) Proceed and pay:
Making your payment online is a breeze with so many services to cater to your individual needs. Pay with your Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, Amex cards. You may pay with apps like Paypal, SADAD online payment.

C) Check-in and enjoy:

1) Check for all the facilities promised are offered:
When you arrive at the hotel, check if all the amenities promised are present. Observe carefully the intricacies of the services and make the most out of your stay. If you have made a special request, check how the hotel responded and how much time they take to fulfill such request.

2) Experience the quality of the services:
Clean, safe, hygienic stays have become more crucial ever since the COVID 19 pandemic. Inspect the quality of fresh beddings, bath robes and towels. Sometimes, while booking they will tell you the pool is open and the club is open but when you arrive, you may find it closed. It can be due to restrictions during a pandemic. However, if not so, you must request to experience the quality of the services and amenities.

3) Write a review as per your experience to assist others:
Guiding people about the good and bad about something is a nice thing to do. Your opinion can differ slightly from others. However, the majority of the people will have a nice experience. Your one review is crucial for the success of your travel and the hotel as well. Take time to do the same.

It is observed that when a customer has a negative experience, they tend to make a point to put it online. However, if you really had a great experience, assist others for the same. Because if you put a genuine effort into writing the review, many people will upvote your review and people will start trusting you more.

What are your travel goals for this year? Do let us know. Saudi Arabia is the ultimate blend of luxury and comfort. Explore the rising sun and the sands all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with plenty of oases.

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