Top 10 Ways Destination Management Company in Saudi Arabia Helps Make Your Events Epic

When travelling to a country where people speak different languages than your native language, get a destination management company. They will work closely with your event management company to become a bridge between local suppliers to overcome the language barriers in a foreign country. Also, with their purchasing power, they cut substantial costs when they deal with their preferred local vendors.

A DMC (Destination Management Company) or a Destination Executive helps corporates in many ways as follows:

  • Custom-tailored tours with detailed itineraries. Their services include air reservations, ticketing, baggage handling, and more.
  • Signs, maps, schedule brochures, uniformed supervisors, guides, hospitality and greeter services.
  • Complete transportation services with shuttles and airport transfers via bus, van, limousine for 10 to 1,00,000.
  • Hotel room reservation for your crew and guests.
  • Customized MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events), booking and arrangements of conference rooms, halls with security.
  • Complete ground arrangements for interactive themed parties with design and decor, food and beverage, pre and post programs
  • Local and headline entertainment
  • CSR programs
  • Military spouse programs
  • Financial tracking with multiple vendors

How to Pick the Best Destination Management Company in Saudi Arabia to Plan Your Event?

1) Industrial Sector of their clients:
Pick a DMC in Saudi Arabia carrying an experience in organizing trade fairs related to your industry such as agriculture, food and beverage, healthcare, banking, automobile, telecom and IT, technical, books, consumer and industrial products, retail, antiques, perfume distilleries, handicrafts, jewellery and many more. They function as the best sightseeing tour company in Saudi Arabia with sightseeing tours from cruise ports in Saudi Arabia. They are inbound tour operators in Saudi Arabia organizing and managing beautiful corporate experiences.

2) Staff Headcount:
A big headcount indicates many functions being taken care of. It ensures a smooth flow of events and well-organized and well-planned services. The ratio of guests arriving to the staff available must be approximately 50:1 to 20:1 for an amazing experience.

3) Member of DMC consortium:
Several DMCs come together to work for mutual business deals in a collaborative DMC consortium. See if the one you are going to hire is a part of such a consortium or a part of a group of companies or not.

4) Experience in serving large groups:
Check the testimonials of the clients served by the DMC and see how they manage to serve large groups.

5) Certified staff:
Professional B2B staff working at the DMC of your choice must hold a certificate in business communication and management with tourism and hospitality specialization.

6) Handling emergencies well:
The true test of a DMC’s management skills is at handling the adversities and shortcomings. People, process and technology often create barriers of time and location. When a team coordinates well and overcomes them together, it stands out as one of the best and successful in the test of time.

Are you ready?
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